Frequently asked questions

Q1. What kind of advertising do you do?

A. We specialise in native advertising through bundles of sponsored content. These bundles include articles, social media posts and inclusion in our email newsletters. You can scale up these bundles by bolting on additional social media, adding display advertising and original video content for an additional cost.

Q2. How does sponsored content work?

A. All sponsored content is written to your brief by our in-house team so that it fits in with the editorial style our readers know and love. We can also include images, hyperlinks, social media handles and embedded video content according to your requirements.

Q3. How quickly can you get it ready?

A. Pretty darn quickly. We’ll spring into action if you have a last-minute campaign, but as our schedule gets booked up we recommend reserving a slot with us ASAP to get your first choice of dates.

Q4. How long will my campaign run for?

A. This depends on the type of package you choose. In general, both the Starter and Impact Bundles run for a day but their length can be extended with additional social media posts. The bigger Double Impact and Series Bundles run for longer, from two weeks to three months. We can also customise the duration of the campaign based on your requirements.

Q5. What happens after I’ve booked a campaign?

A. We’ll send you a list of assets needed from our side and a deadline. The main things we’ll need are a key message, a great image and relevant links. We’ll then set everything up for you. We usually ask for a Purchase Order number or confirmation of invoicing details to seal the deal.

Q6. Can I see the content before it goes live?

A. Of course! We’ll send you a proof of your article before publication for approval. We’re happy to make one set of changes before the publishing date if necessary. Similarly, we can send you a proof of your newsletter text or social media post if you wish so. Once the campaign goes out, we’ll send over all the links.

Q7. What happens after my campaign has gone out?

A. We’ll email you to let you know the content has gone live and send links over so you can see how it looks. Your content will never be deleted from Londonist so is available to search for ever more!

Q8. How many people will see my campaign?

A. You can see the total guaranteed impressions for each of the native bundles on the Prices page here. For up to date audience stats across all our channels please see Our Audience section here.

Q9. How will I know how my advertising campaign performed?

A. You’re welcome to provide us with tracker links so that you can monitor the performance of your campaign. For smaller campaigns, we can provide stats upon request. For larger campaigns, we’ll provide an activity report after the end of promotion, detailing page views, social media impressions, engagement and clicks.

Q10. How much does it cost to advertise on Londonist?

A. That depends on the type of package you’re interested in. We cater for all kinds of advertising budgets from one-off promotions to year-long campaigns. Our minimum spend is £195+VAT. See our pricing page here or contact us to chat through the options.

Q11. What are your terms of payment?

A. We require payment to be processed 30 days from the date of the invoice, which is usually dated and sent when the activity first goes live. If you’re a new costumer, we usually require payment in advance or a valid Purchase Order number to confirm the booking.

Q12. Can I buy display advertising?

A. Yes you can. You can take out display advertising on its own, or add it to an advertorial bundle for extra visibility. There are various positions and banner sizes to choose from. We sell display advertising on a CPM basis — that's cost per thousand impressions. For example, 50,000 impressions in the top banner/leaderboard over two weeks costs 50 x £15 = £750+VAT. Take a look at prices for each size banner and position on the Prices page here.

Q13. Can I buy advertising space in your email newsletters?

A. Yes, you can do that too. We have a variety of newsletters in which you can purchase a spot to promote your business/show/event. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Q14. Can I run a competition on Londonist?

A. Yes. You can run a competition on our Social Media channels (either Twitter or Facebook) or as part of a native bundle. The difference between these two is that you will get data capture only if you run a competition through a native bundle. There is no minimum prize value requirement but your prize must be London-focused. We usually run competitions over a period of two weeks, but we can extend or shorten this period according to your requirements.

Q15. Can I run a campaign or competition on your social media channels only?

A. Yes you can. See our Prices page here for fees.

Q16. I’ve written a fantastic/brilliant/super-cool article which would be great/perfect/ideal for your website. Can you post it?

A. No, we do not accept guest posts or unsolicited content on Londonist, thank you.

Q17. Are there any other restrictions?

A. All sponsored content on Londonist must have a London angle and we avoid blatant SEO-style advertising / link-exchanges / ‘content farm’ material. We work hard to create sponsored content that is of genuine interest to a London audience. As is standard in the industry all sponsored links are ‘no follow’ and sponsored content is clearly marked.

Q18. Do you do free advertising at all?

A. No, we don’t. Advertising in this sense means commercial, paid-for promotions. If you are just looking to get your event listed for free or you have an story for us then please email our Editorial Team at

This is the end of the FAQs section. If you have a question not answered here, drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.

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